How to cure a fungus on your skin?

Infection of the skin with a fungus occurs in the same way as in the nails – from infected skin particles of a sick person. When a person tries to cure a fungus on his feet, he may infect other parts of his body. Most often, the infection first spreads to the working hand (the one with which the ointment is applied), and from there it passes to other parts of the body. As a result, you have to think about how to cure the fungus in the ears, on the back, etc. The entrance gate of infection – skin injuries. Fungus infection especially “clings” when the immunity is reduced, or when the upper softened layer of skin in the bath or pool has temporarily lost some of its protective properties. You can buy special medications at

The treatment scheme depends on the type of fungal infection. The complex treatment includes:

  1. local antimycotic drugs.
  2. systemic therapy. If secondary infection has developed, you will have to undergo antibacterial therapy.
  3. drugs that relieve the patient’s condition – relieve irritation, itching, painful sensations. You need to understand that these drugs eliminate only symptoms to improve the quality of life. To fight against fungal infection, you need special drugs.
  4. folk remedies. This category includes antimicrobial agents and mixtures: tea tree oil, a mixture of garlic and butter, soda (baths), onion juice. Please note: to cure the fungus on your hands, folk remedies must be used as part of a comprehensive therapy. They can not cope with the skin fungus themselves.

To effectively cure the fungus on your skin, it will take 8-12 months. The treatment may last for a long time (taking medication – break, taking medication – break). Fungus diseases worsen the quality of life and create psychological problems. So do not be surprised if the attending physician will offer psychological help.

How to cure the fungus between your fingers?

To know how to cure the fungus between your toes, you need to know what causative agent is caused by the disease. Most often, it affects the area between 3 and 4 toes, from where it spreads further. In the problem area there are cracks, ulcers, oprelae. The skin gets wet or, on the contrary, dries out and flakes. To cure the fungus on your toes, the same methods are used to treat other types of skin fungus – drugs:

  • local action;
  • to protect the nails;
  • systemic.

If you are infected with a fungal infection, you should do a pedicure especially vigilant. Immediately cut off the grown nails so that they do not break. After cutting the nails, treat them with a protective varnish. Try not to injure the skin with the tips of scissors and file. Professional pedicure during the treatment should be done only with hardware methods. In this case, the buffers and files are disposed of after each use, surgical sterilization of instruments is performed, and individual kits are used for nails treatment. The set of services includes foot massage, application of special cosmetics.

To cure the fungus on your toe and not to pick it up again, you need to take good care of your shoes. The most reliable thing is to throw away the old shoes, buy new ones and treat them periodically with disinfectants. But if it is impossible to do it for financial reasons, spray the shoes from the inside. The frequency of treatment can be found in the instructions for the drugs. To avoid thinking about how to cure the fungus quickly, treat all new shoes, especially those bought in second hand shops, with antimicrobials. Undressed guests may also “come” in new shoes – it is not known who tried them on before you and with what skin diseases.

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