Dianabol – undesirable and harmful side effects

Dianabol a very popular steroid used by bodybuilders all around the globe. It is characterized primarily by strong anabolic and androgenic properties, high aromatization and toxicity. Therefore, it must be used with extreme caution. Its effectiveness is often compared to that of strong agents such as Testosterone and Anadrol. It is most commonly used in weight lifting cycles. Fast-acting Dianabol is used in parallel with the agent, which must be used longer in order to obtain the appropriate effect, eg: long esters of testosterone – enanthate, cypionate.

The convenient form of tablets along with large gains in weight and strength plays the most important role in terms of the popularity of this steroid. Although Methandienone does not require painful pricks, it contributes to a significant increase in muscle mass – both for beginners and more advanced bodybuilders.

How does Dianabol work?

It must be emphasized that Dianabol (another name is Metanabol) is an anabolic steroid. The preparation is a derivative of methyltestosterone, a natural androgen hormone. It is administered orally. It is sold in the form of tablets (some companies also make injection form). Dianabol has an androgenic effect. It is a specificity that has a lot to do with testosterone. Thanks to its properties, it stimulates appetite, weight gain, accelerates bone maturation, improves the general condition and increases psychophysical efficiency. In patients with diabetes insipidus, it causes a reduction in urine output per day.

It was aimed at obtaining the desired properties that are useful not only for athletes but also for medical purposes. It is worth paying attention to the aspect that the changes made mean that Dianabol may be harmful to the liver. This is because the active substance enters this organ through the blood. So this should be remembered in order to avoid problems related to this aspect. It is important, among other things, not to exceed the daily doses recommended by the manufacturer. It is also good to use supplements that support and regenerate the liver.

This steroid is detectable in the body for up to five weeks, and the duration of action is up to six hours. The recommended dose is 15 mg for beginners and 30 mg for more experienced athletes. Metanabol is best taken after meals. Thanks to this, the risk of liver damage is much lower. Dianabol should not be used for more than 6 weeks. After this period, these anabolic steroids must therefore be discontinued. It strongly aromatizes to estrogen, which is why we note a large jump in weight.

It is mainly used to increase muscle mass and increase the strength of the body. The first effects are noticeable on the fifth day, and the peak of its action happens after two weeks of use. Among beginner bodybuilders, it enjoys a huge degree of popularity. When taken in high doses, it can cause jaundice, liver damage, growth inhibition, and cartilage ossification. The main contraindications are primarily heart disease, cancer, diabetes and hypersensitivity. Read more on the website: https://anabolicmenu.ws/global-anabolic-dbol-5mg-1000-pills/

Dianabol – undesirable and harmful side effects

Many people believe that methanabol is a mild steroid because it is in the form of tablets and not injections, as is the strength of preparations. However, its harmfulness is significant.

Here are the undesirable effects of taking it:

  • damage to internal organs, mainly the liver, pancreas and kidneys,
  • gynecomastia, i.e. enlargement of the mammary gland,
  • increase in adipose tissue,
  • erectile and potency disorders,
  • hair loss,
  • skin problems, including acne,
  • hyperactivity,
  • aggression,
  • emotional lability.